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Joomla Add New User Error On Page


You should be taken to the Error Page that you just created in Step 3 with the content of the Article that you created in Step 1. Step 3: Create a new Single Article Menu Item for that new menu. If there is no file called error.php in your template, then your site likely relies on the error page in the Joomla core. Then we will edit the original error.php in the Protostar template to redirect to this newly create 404 Error page. have a peek at this web-site

You want the visitor to get to the right place. CMS and is not associated with joomla.org These bad URLs can be seen under Components -> Redirects. If you are using Protostar as your template, you can restyle this error.php page itself.

Joomla 404 Error Page

Link it to your Article that you created for the Custom 404 Error page. Custom 404 Error Pages If a person surfing the web enters your domain name followed by a non-existent page name into the address bar or clicks on a link with an To test this, open a browser tab and type in your domain name, followed by a slash, followed by some garbage phrase, a page name that you know does not exist It will not bring in your custom stylesheets, modules, etc., unless you edit it to do so.  Your potential visitor can go directly to your site by clicking on the logo

You can also choose to display or not display modules on this page. It also loads a Search box if the user chooses to do a search for the subject in which he is seeking.  Joomla loads this error.php page instead of the index.php page, Read the joom3 article:How to create Redirects with Joomla 3 Set up the Custom 404 Error page Option 1: Restyle the error.php page for your template In this example, we are Joomla 404 Article Not Found In some cases, your hosting company has an error page that overrides your Joomla error page.

Triple click on the grey text box next to Link and hit CNTL+C to copy the code. Step 4: Using an FTP program or the file manager on your hosting site, make a backup copy of the current error.php page in templates/protostar and name it errorORIG.php as a backup Detecting bad URLs Joomla 3.+ keeps track of all the bad URLs that people have typed in or clicked on as links for your site. Option 2: Redirect the error.php page to a page created with a Joomla Menu Item You can create a custom 404 Error page that has the same appearance and functionality of

Step 7: Test out the Custom 404 Error Page by opening a browser window, typing in the domain name for your site, followed by a slash, followed by some nonsense letters Joomla 404 Error On Homepage You can add a