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Joomla Error Id Bad_httpd_conf

Transfer between 2 DH accounts Trouble creating Mail Folder Support no reply! Is there some other way to fix this mess (I have yet to receive a response to my support request at DH)? Restored some from backup. That domain already exists Domain Pointer goes to subdomain not the root Multiple domains, same files. http://quiddityweb.com/joomla-error/joomla-php-error.html

Stay logged in Sign up now! Your gut reaction may be that your blog or CMS software is throwing the error, but bad_httpd_conf is actually a custom error message that only Dreamhost clients will encounter. Rails upgrade, where are you? Help getting custom PHP install to work Subdomain Redirect - blank page spam policy.

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installing git with-curl Switched MX to gmail, now my old mail is gone! :-( PS Email Issues. I Hate Outlook correct SSI directives generate error message php include path Blew up my site Custom 403 Page Problem Site Temporarily Unavailable email to AOL bounces back Help with Webmail This post explains what bad_httpd_conf means, and how to fix the problem. Subdomain Redirect Joomla attraction?

phpmyadmin password problem. Check This Out Email Restriction? Image credit: Nick Webb. Smart of you to have tried that!

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No, create an account now. Subdomain location Domain addition? newbie, and patience Nomination for DH support phone Lame answer from tech support about email delay Subdomains all not working One-click install of Wordpress 2.0.4 problem Problems with redirect Db not

Flash 10 and WordPress / Joomla!

Got the dreaded bad_httpd_conf error on your DreamHost site? xcache error Unable to log into control panel PHP no longer installed? Email filters, blacklist ALL Unsusal support failure? Don’t panic.

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Your Support is Closed ??? Extract a zip file?! Mirror a dreamhosted domain to a non-dreamhost? Need Dreamhost support to contact me Don't Understand Re-map Need assistance hacked!

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