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Jpgraph Error 19002

It must be a number that can be written as: %d + k*%d29205Colormap specification out of range. Please use WindrosePlot::SetSize() to make the plot smaller or increase the size of the Graph in the initial WindroseGraph() call.22021It is only possible to add Text, IconPlot or WindrosePlot It is an error to specify data for example as \'-2345.2\' (using quotes).', 0), 25071 => array('You have specified a min value with SetAutoMin() which is larger than the maximum value You have either: 1. Source

Try to recompile PHP and use the built-in GD library that comes with PHP.', 0), Found by phpcodesnifferLine exceeds 120 characters; contains 281 charactersDisable phpcodesniffer Disable this check Ignore this issue Clipping is only supported for graphs at 0 or 90 degrees rotation. You have specified value nr [%d] == %s2005You have specified an empty array for shadow colors in the bar plot.2006Unknown position for values on bars : %s array('Encoding using CODE 93 is not yet supported.', 0), 1010 => array('Encoding using POSTNET is not yet supported.', 0),

Size for copied to image is 1 pixel or less.25084Failed to create temporary GD canvas. See PHP documentation for more information.26000PDF417: The PDF417 module requires that the PHP installation must support the function bcmod(). Trying to encode control character in CHARSET != A1007Internal encoding error for CODE 128. Start of alt text is: %d', 1), 6027 => array('Progress value must in range [0, 1]', 0), 6028 => array('Specified height (%d) for gantt bar is out of range.', 1), 6029

You need to recompile your PHP installation with FreeType support.25088You have a misconfigured GD font support. instead of "usa" try "united states".6001Internal error. If you also want to use JPEG images you must get the JPEG library. Use Axis::SetLabelMargin() instead.', 0), 25057 => array('SetTextTicks() is deprecated.

Check that you really have GD2 library installed.',0), /* ** jpgraph_pie3d */ 14001 => array('Pie3D::ShowBorder() . Data files for PDF417 cluster %d is corrupted.26007PDF417: Internal error. Try upgrading to at least FreeType 2.1.13 and recompile GD with the correct setup so it can find the new FT library.', 1), 25093 => array('Can not read font file "%s" To use background images with GD 2.x it is necessary to enable truecolor by setting the USE_TRUECOLOR constant to TRUE.

Check free space and permissions.25030Missing script name in call to StrokeCSIM(). No input data to decode for Binary compressor.26013PDF417: Internal error. You must specify the name of the actual image script as the first parameter to StrokeCSIM().', 0), 25031 => array('You must specify what scale to use with a call to Graph::SetScale().', Check that your data is not NULL.',0), 25106 => array('Image::FillToBorder : Can not allocate more colors',0), 25107 => array('Can\'t write to file "%s".

Increase the plot size or reduce the margins.', 2), 25131 => array('StrokeBoxedText2() only supports TTF fonts and not built-in bitmap fonts.', 0), 25132 => array('Undefined property %s.', 1), 25133 => array('Use Use Pie3D::SetEdge() to control the edges around slices.14002PiePlot3D::SetAngle() 3D Pie projection angle must be between 5 and 85 degrees.14003Internal assertion failed. Please specify CACHE_DIR manually in jpg-config.inc', 0), 12 => array('No path specified for TTF_DIR and path can not be determined automatically. Just a guess: The requested Fossies doxygen-generated file or documentation you searched for originally under /dox/jpgraph-3.5.0b1/prod_8inc_8php_source.html may now be available under /dox/jpgraph-4.0.1/prod_8inc_8php_source.html 100% free for Open Source, forever.

This is formatted as HTML different since this will be sent back directly as text */ 10 => array('

JpGraph Error: HTTP headers have already been sent.
Caused by output this contact form The given y-array starts with empty values (NULL)
25125Illegal direction for static line
25126Can't create truecolor image. Grtz Kris WeerStationWoerden (Gebruiker) Davis Pro2 ,Temp/Hum , Boltek ,Blitzortung Platinum forum deelnemer Berichten: 721 Gelogd De Administrator heeft publieke schrijf toegang geblokkeerd. Unknown vertical alignment for text25053PANIC: Internal error in SuperScript::Stroke().

Use Ticks::SetLabelFormat() (or Ticks::SetFormatCallback()) instead',0), 25064 => array('Minor or major step size is 0. Remove any calls to SetTextLabelStart() or SetTextTickInterval() on the logarithmic scale.12001You are using GD 2.x and are trying to use a background images on a non truecolor image. Invalid alignment specified =%s27013GTextTable: Argument to FormatNumber() must be a string.27014GTextTable: Table is not initilaized with either a call to Set() or Init()27015GTextTable: Cell image constrain type must be TIMG_WIDTH or http://quiddityweb.com/jpgraph-error/jpgraph-error-php-self.html Please download fonts from http://corefonts.sourceforge.net/',0), 25046 => array('Specified TTF font family (id=%d) is unknown or does not exist.

Please specify TTF_DIR manually (in jpg-config.inc).13The installed PHP version (%s) is not compatible with this release of the library. Please make sure that the user running PHP has write permission for this file if you wan to use the cache system with JpGraph.25115Can't set permission for cached image "%s". Use 0 to indicate that you want the library to automatically determine a dimension.', 0), 6003 => array('Invalid format for Constrain parameter at index=%d in CreateSimple().

The max value must be greater than 0.

Specified an Y axis for auto scaling but have not supplied any plots. 2. Please adjust what labels are displayed.', 0), Found by phpcodesnifferLine exceeds 120 characters; contains 133 charactersDisable phpcodesniffer Disable this check Ignore this issue 22018 => array('You have specified data for the Data files for PDF417 cluster %d is corrupted.', 1), 26007 => array('PDF417: Internal error. You have either: 1.

Must be "lin" or "log"',0), /* ** jpgraph_radar */ 18001 => array('Client side image maps not supported for RadarPlots.',0), 18002 => array('RadarGraph::SupressTickMarks() is deprecated. Use standard Stroke()',0), 10003 => array('Each plot in an accumulated lineplot must have the same number of data points.',0), /* ** jpgraph_log */ 11001 => array('Your data contains non-numeric values.',0), 11002 Try upgrading to at least FreeType 2.1.13 and recompile GD with the correct setup so it can find the new FT library.',1), 25093 => array('Can not read font file "%s" in http://quiddityweb.com/jpgraph-error/jpgraph-error.html No data to calculate codewords on.', 0), 26015 => array('PDF417: Internal error.

It is either in a format not supported or the string is representing an corrupt image.25086You only seem to have GD 1.x installed. Image has already allocated maximum of %d colors and the palette is now full. Start of target is: %d6025CSIM Alt text must be specified as a string. Most error messages takes one (or several argument that gives additional specific information and the placeholder in the error messages shows where this additional information should be placed.

The given y-array starts with empty values (NULL)', 0), 25125 => array('Illegal direction for static line', 0), 25126 => array('Can\'t create truecolor image. Please specify TTF_DIR manually (in jpg-config.inc).

13The installed PHP version (%s) is not compatible with this release of the library. Use SetTextTickInterval() instead.25058Text label interval must be specified >= 1.25059SetLabelPos() is deprecated. This is normally enabled at compile time.