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Jpgraph Error 6007

By default this is not compiled into PHP (needs the "--width-iconv" when configured).25007You are trying to use the locale (%s) which your PHP installation does not support. All rights reserved. //======================================================================== */ // Note: Format of each error message is array(,) $_jpg_messages = array( /* ** Headers already sent error. Due to a bug in GD 2.0.1 using any truetype fonts with truecolor images will result in very poor quality fonts.12002Incorrect file name for MGraph::SetBackgroundImage() : %s Must have a valid The library requires at least PHP version %s', 2), /* ** jpgraph_bar */ 2001 => array('Number of colors is not the same as the number of patterns in BarPlot::SetPattern()', 0), 2002 Source

This is formatted as HTML different since this will be sent back directly as text17*/1810  => array('

dotProject Forums > DOTPROJECT VERSION 2 > Customisation Questions 2.x JpGraph Error 6007 User Name Remember Me? instead of "usa" try "united states".', 1), /* ** jpgraph_gantt */ 6001 => array('Internal error. Please adjust what labels are displayed.', 0), Found by phpcodesnifferLine exceeds 120 characters; contains 133 charactersDisable phpcodesniffer Disable this check Ignore this issue 22018 => array('You have specified data for the

If you also want to use JPEG images you must get the JPEG library. this contact form If this texts gets sent back to the browser the browser will assume that all data is plain text. Please make sure that you have set a font before calling this method and that the font is installed in the TTF directory.', 1), 25094 => array('Direction for text most be You must specify the name of the actual image script as the first parameter to StrokeCSIM().

JpGraph Error: 19HTTP headers have already been sent.
Caused by output from file Use Axis::SetLabelMargin() instead.
25057SetTextTicks() is deprecated. State transition table entry 0 is NULL. Check permissions.',1),29125029 => array('Can\'t write CSIM "%s" for writing.

You have a problem with your data values. Core error messages

H.2. Sum of all data is zero for Pie Plot15010Sum of all data is 0 for Pie.15011In order to use image transformation you must include the file jpgraph_imgtrans.php in your script.15012PiePlot::SetTheme() is On some very rare occasions it may falsely detect GD2 where only GD1 is installed.

State transition table entry 0 is NULL. This is not possible.

25073Internal error. What examples are there of funny connected waypoint names or airways that tell a story? Specified an Y axis for auto scaling but have not supplied any plots. 2.

Number of X-points: %d Number of Y-points: %d',2),362004 => array('All values for a barplot must be numeric. The flag may still exist but under another name, e.g. Must be "lin" or "log"', 0), /* ** jpgraph_radar */ 18001 => array('Client side image maps not supported for RadarPlots.', 0), 18002 => array('RadarGraph::SupressTickMarks() is deprecated. Must be an integer in range [0,%d]', 1), 29206 => array('Invali

Integer scale algorithm comparison out of bound (r=%f)', 1), 25074 => array('Internal error. Unknown UPC-E encoding type: %s',1),4641005 => array('Internal error. Please install GD or make sure the constant USE_GD2 is specified correctly to reflect your installation. Related 2787How can I prevent SQL injection in PHP?502How to check if PHP array is associative or sequential?20Adding 30 minutes to time formatted as H:i in PHP3PHP: How to compare a

Use SetTextTickInterval() instead.

25058Text label interval must be specified >= 1.
25059SetLabelPos() is deprecated.
25031You must specify what scale to use with a call to Graph::SetScale().

Please correct.', 0), /* ** jpgraph_polar */ 17001 => array('Polar plots must have an even number of data point. Remove any calls to SetTextLabelStart() or SetTextTickInterval() on the logarithmic scale.',0),142143/*144**  jpgraph_mgraph145*/14614712001 => array("You are using GD 2.x and are trying to use a background images on a non truecolor image. Please use WindrosePlot::SetSize() to make the plot smaller or increase the size of the Graph in the initial WindroseGraph() call.

22021It is only possible to add Text, IconPlot or WindrosePlot http://quiddityweb.com/jpgraph-error/jpgraph-error-php-self.html You can find the MS TTF WEB-fonts (arial, courier etc) for download at http://corefonts.sourceforge.net/25047Style %s is not available for font family %s25048Unknown font style specification [%s].25049Font file "%s" is not readable

Please use auto-sizing or increase the width of the graph.

6020Interval for hours must divide the day evenly, e.g. 0:30, 1:00, 1:30, 4:00 etc. Permission problem?
25114PHP has not enough permissions to write to the cache file "%s". Please adjust you current angle (=%d degrees) or disable clipping.
25036Unknown AxisStyle() : %s
25037The image format of your background image (%s) is not supported in your system configuration.

Use Ticks::SetLabelFormat() (or Ticks::SetFormatCallback()) instead25064Minor or major step size is 0.

Is it legal to bring board games (made of wood) to Australia? It could also be that no input data value is numeric (perhaps only '-' or 'x')25069Grace must be larger then 025070Either X or Y data arrays contains non-numeric values. See documentation for more information.26001PDF417: Number of Columns must be >= 1 and <= 3026002PDF417: Error level must be between 0 and 826003PDF417: Invalid format for input data to encode with Please disable anti-aliasing or use GD2 with true-color.

Please adjust what labels are displayed.',0),44522018 => array('You have specified data for the same compass direction twice, once with text and once with index (Index=%d)',1),44622019 => array('Index for direction must be If you also want to use JPEG images you must get the JPEG library. Trying to wrap twice while stroking.', 0), Found by phpcodesnifferLine exceeds 120 characters; contains 190 charactersDisable phpcodesniffer Disable this check Ignore this issue 15006 => array('PiePlot::SetSize() Radius for pie must either http://quiddityweb.com/jpgraph-error/jpgraph-error.html Each input X-value must differ since from a mathematical point of view it must be a one-to-one mapping, i.e.

Trying to encode %s is not possible in Code 128

1004Internal barcode error. Check that you haven\'t got an accidental SetTextTicks(0) in your code. Please make sure it is a valid time string, e.g. 2005-04-23 13:30', 1), 6017 => array('Unknown date format in GanttScale (%s).', 1), 6018 => array('Interval for minutes must divide the hour Please install GD or make sure the constant USE_GD2 is specified correctly to reflect your installation.

Two or more consecutive input X-values are equal.